International Congress of Belarusian Studies and Centre Ecumena invite to participate in the thematic panel “Churches in wars and wars in churches: ideas, history, everyday life”

congressOrganising Committee of the International Congress of Belarusian Studies announces a call for individual applications for the 5th Congress, which will take place on 2-4 October 2015 in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Traditional panel on theology and history of church will take place in the framework of the Congress. In 2015 it will be dedicated to the following topic: “Churches in wars and wars in churches: ideas, history, everyday life”. Coordinators of the panel: Natallia Vasilevich, Nadezhda Beliakova.

Description of the panel:

Numerous armed conflicts are happening under the flag of religion. Religion as a source of potential conflicts in the post-ideological world is well presented by the clash of the civilisations theories. Churches find themselves in the conflicts of different natures: wars with or without direct military actions, cultural wars or ideological wars between civilisations. Thus, they comprehend their place and role in these conflicts. By choosing strategies of action, they identify themselves with one of the conflict parties along different division lines such as “victim – aggressor”, “us – the others” or “war – peace”.

Rhetoric and images of war, fighting and warriors are involved in the theological thought and even become an identity basis. The choice, one which the churches have settled in the situation of war, could be later regarded as a significant point in their theology.

Military images are deeply implanted in the church tradition and Christian texts: in the Bible, ascetic and liturgical works.

The interdisciplinary section will gather theologians, historians, philosophers, literature scholars, political scientists, and jurists. It will touch upon a wide range of issues, connected to theological reflections on war and peace in general, the influence of war on the self-identification of churches, studies on the role of church and Christians in historical conflicts, and mythology of war.

The focus will address narratives of inter-denominational conflicts, church and state conflicts in Central and Eastern Europe, the involvement of churches in the World War II and the Cold War, religion and its instrumentalisation in the Ukrainian conflict, conceptualisation and policies of memories about wars; social teachings of churches on the subject of war and peace.

You can participate in the Congress as a speaker (in this case you need to submit an abstract of your paper 2-4 thousand characters long) or a guest without a paper. You can also apply for presentation of academic and cultural projects, publications, exhibitions etc. Journalists and media representatives are encouraged to participate in the event.

Please follow the link to choose a registration form.

Application deadline is 18 May 2015.

The congress is the most representative annual academic and expert event of Belarus. It gathers all main intellectual centres, which study Belarusian politics, society and culture. Besides, the congress presents a fine opportunity to develop new viable research and civil projects, exchange opinions and ideas, establish informal contacts with experts and academics from Belarus and other countries.

Mission of the Congress is to develop a community of scholars, analysts and experts, and to promote a deeper understanding of Belarus in academic and civil communities of the country, region and world.

Information in Belarusian language.

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