International Congress of Belarusian Studies and Centre Ecumena invite to participate in the thematic section “The Church and Violence: Victims, Aggressors, Witnesses”

congressOrganising Committee of the International Congress of Belarusian Studies announces a call for individual applications for the 8th Congress, which will take place on 27-29 September 2019 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Traditional section on theology and history of church will take place in the framework of the Congress. In 2019 it will be dedicated to the following topic: “The Church and Violence: Victims, Aggressors, Witnesses”. The section is coordinated by Natallia Vasilevich.

There are four panels in the framework of the section:

a. Violence as an issue: theological approaches, community, canon law and liturgy

b. The Church: victims: experience of resistance, persecutions and inter-confessional confrontation

c. The Church: aggressors — deconstruction of oppressive concepts, norms and practices, religious dissidents and religious fundamentalism

d. The Church: witnesses — which side in conflicts, which positions in public debates?

You can participate in the Congress as a speaker (in this case you need to submit an abstract of your paper 2-4 thousand characterslong) or a guest without a paper. You can also apply for presentation of academic and cultural projects, publications, exhibitions etc. Journalists and media representatives are encouraged to participate in the event.

Please follow the link to choose a registration form.

Application deadline is 25 May 2019.

The congress is the most representative annual academic and expert event of Belarus. It gathers all main intellectual centres, which study Belarusian politics, society and culture. Besides, the congress presents a fine opportunity to develop new viable research and civil projects, exchange opinions and ideas, establish informal contacts with experts and academics from Belarus and other countries.

Mission of the Congress is to develop a community of scholars, analysts and experts, and to promote a deeper understanding of Belarus in academic and civil communities of the country, region and world.

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